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Erica Snipes-Garner is an activist, writer, and the daughter of the late Eric B. Garner, a man murdered at the hands of the NYPD on July 17, 2014. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York like her father, she is a self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl.” Erica was always taught by her father to lead by example for those around her, particularly her younger siblings. All that her father has taught her has prepared her for the role she has stepped into today, and she has taken it upon herself to carry on her father’s legacy by fighting for the rights of others. Erica’s activism provided her with a platform to conduct weekly peaceful protests in Staten Island to commemorate her father’s death and engage the world against the injustice that surrounds it.

Despite the discouraging circumstances, Erica’s apprehension of being involved with a movement of this magnitude quickly dissipated as she began to break down the various barriers involved with public protests. From police barricades being installed at the locations where her group is known to march, to the Staten Island police scheduling rallies at the same time – and on the same route as hers – to attacks from political hit-men, Erica has remained hopeful, peaceful, and committed to advocating for the elimination of the harsh injustices in the legal system. Erica is continuing her fight for justice and is dedicated to addressing issues of inequality in the legal system, and holding elected officials accountable by ensuring these issues remain a relevant topic of discussion at the local, state, and national levels.

Erica G. Snipes-Garner can be reached via the contact page, and followed

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