My latest thoughts on Alton Sterling

I decided to do this after going quiet for a few months for self care. For almost two years straight I have been marching, protesting, advocating, fighting, speaking out and struggling against police brutality. For a portion of that time I thought that justice was a real thing that could be achieved. I’ve since learned that this system is set up to protect the killers and criminalize the innocent.

This broke my heart to see, not only the murder of an innocent man, but also to watch his family mourn on display for all to see. I think that we are beyond the need for video to prove that this is a problem. These things continue to happen from New York to California and everywhere between. At this point I’m beyond all this lets hold hands and have a conversation stuff. I/We got demands:

In memory of Alton Sterling, Eric Garner and too many others murdered by police. I call for every law maker in New York to pledge to vote to make Governor Cuomo’s Special Prosecutor permanent.

I call on all Black voters in new york to refuse to vote for any candidate that does not vote for this legislation no matter if it makes it to the floor for a vote or not. No Special Prosecutor, no vote. Period.

I call on every law maker in NYC that claims to stand with Black lives to pledge to support the Right to Know act to support transparency in policing. I also call on you to support anti choke hold legislation. I call on ALL Black voters in NYC to refuse to vote for any candidates that don’t support these bills. There is no reason that they don’t pass in the city that claims to be democratic.

I call on every congress person that protested on the floor last week to also protest on the floor to eliminate funding for programs that provide military grade weapons to our local police departments and schools. They need to prove that their fight isn’t just for show, and this is something that they can do right now.

I call on any candidate for president to address what their DOJ would look like. They need to address why so many people don’t get charged and they need to explain what they would do to address that. It has been two years since Eric Garner was killed on video and the DOJ and all of the resources of the federal government have still failed to conclude their so called investigation.

Finally I call on any candidate for president that values Black lives to end the federal 10 33 program that provides our local police and schools with drones, tanks, and m-16 weapons. This can and should be done by executive order.

I beg the Black community to support any candidates that pledge to support these things. I beg of you to FORCE democrats appreciate your loyalty more if any of them refuse to support Black lives by refusing to vote for them. Period. No negotiations.

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