Hillary Clinton and The Democrat Establishment: Beyond the Talk

I’m independent minded person, I am not committed to any person, party, or anything of the like. I am an issue based voter. Over 20% of voters in New York are just like me. When you watch the leaders of your state party go to jail one after another for corruption regardless of party affiliation it makes an honest person skeptical. Last year I watched two of the Albany gang of three go to jail for improper behavior. I watched Democrat Michael McMahon accept an endorsement of republican police union president pat lynch for Staten Island DA. Mr. McMahon has made no effort to find my family justice for my fathers death. Instead he ran a campaign chocked full of dog-whistle, super predator type speak. Bill De Blasio also endorsed Mr. McMahon as a hedge for his future re-election bid. De Blasio lost Staten Island last election, where 3 of every 5 NYC police live. Democrat Mr.De Blasio also keeps the policeman that murdered my father on the New York City payroll, while they force homeless people off of park benches.
Democrat Governor Cuomo was kind enough to establish a special prosecutor by executive order in the wake of my fathers murder, however it is only temporary. I will expire this year unless New York State Democrats decide to vote on it. I haven’t heard anything about that yet. My point is, I don’t trust the Democrat establishment. They have taken my vote and the votes of people like me for granted.

I trust Bernie. He doesn’t flip-flop. He is consistent. I know where he stands and thats more than I can say for Hillary and the establishment that supports her. Bernie is an independent thinker too.

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