Erica Garner’s Commercial Endorsing Bernie Sanders for President

Last week we made a commercial to express to the world exactly why I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. The Sanders team allowed me and my team full creative control of this video so this message is 100% my message and my views! They had a totally different idea of what should be done, but true to form with Senator Sanders, he listened to me, didn’t tell me he knew better and I was not practical and this is what we produced.

The Senator didn’t reach out to me all of a sudden because he needs help with Black people. He didn’t put out a press conference announcing that we would be working together. He didn’t force me to frame my support of him around a subject matter that special interest groups that support him can get behind. They said we are glad to have your support, how do you want to plug in. You will see a lot of Black leaders handing out endorsements, think to yourself, have they historically been a rubber stamp for the establishment? I hope this expresses why I think Bernie is our guy!

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196 thoughts on “Erica Garner’s Commercial Endorsing Bernie Sanders for President

  1. What a powerful and amazing piece: more than ever, I know deep down that Senator Sanders will be the best candidate to deal with racism in America. I wish this video was mandatory to see, because it is touching and uplifting, and it drives home the point that Bernie Sanders must be the president in 2016.

    1. I like Mr Sanders and I’m sure he’s a good person, but do your homework before deciding. He voted for : H.R. 3355 (103rd): Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 – which became a worse bill he voted for : Omnibus Crime Bill…look up his record then decide.

      1. Not compared to all the atrocities that Hillary Clinton has done and said. She called black boys in 1996 super predators. That Bill had a lot of stuff earmarked on it. Do your homework too. Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater girl in the 60s and Bernie was fighting for civil rights. Do your Damn homework.

    1. I cried so hard. Especially the part where Erika mentions that some people don’t get to see their parent’s last moment and she got to see her father die on national television. The other part I cried was when Bernie is talking about how black people should be able to walk down the street without fear of their lives as Erika is seen playing with her little girl- showing that her daughters happiness and future is a main concern. As a mother/daughter I cried hard with utmost compassion. This was a powerful video and Erika did an amazing job with her message. I must have watched it 50 times already. I have shared it with friends and family. Erika’s father was not out of line by arguing about why the cops were singling him out. Anyone in his shoes would have felt the exact same. Bernie is a protester. He walked with MLK, Jr. and he was arrested for standing up to segregation of blacks in college housing. He has fought for equality for 50 years. A much needed leader. And probably the wisest, honest unselfish manof all of the candidates running.

  2. I don’t even know what to say, thank you for telling your story. I am incredibly moved by your strength. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Wow. You are a beautiful example of grace and strength in the worst of circumstances, which in turn is a glowing testament to your father. Thank you for all that you do.

  4. We are here for you Erica, your father will not be forgotten. Stay strong you incredible woman. One day your daughter will be able to walk on this earth a little easier because of you and those of us who care.

  5. So beautiful and moving. It made me cry. Your fight – is our fight. We stand with you and the countless others that are killed, abused, and mistreated at the hands of the police. It is TIME for the criminal justice system to be fixed- it can no longer be overlooked. I feel in my heart as well that Senator Bernie Sanders, as President- will help lead this fight for change.

    You are an inspiration and a wonderful mother – your father would be proud.

    In solidarity,
    Carrie Michelle

  6. This video made me remember…a terrible day in our country. I cannot imagine your pain. I cannot imagine the troubles you live through. I pray for a new day — that the struggle minorities (chiefly, Blacks) have put up with time and time again by the establishment that has humored you for so long and done nothing will pass.

    1. When I watched this on national TV I was so full of anger! If they can do this to this man, no one is exempt. It is just plain wrong and it keeps happening! Heartfelt sympathy to you and your family Erica.

  7. You did a wonderful job, and thank you. I’m sure it was difficult. I’m an old white grandfather on the other side of the country who has been fighting for justice for 50 years. I can’t tell you how much it warms me inside to see Bernie touching so many lives…for the betterment of all. Thank you again, you made a video with great meaning for our times.

    1. I am a white girl who grew up in the country where there was 0% black population in my community, but I was old enough at age 10 to understand that judging someone by race was absolutely horrid and absurd. (I would debate with my parents and get in trouble for talking back against their racism.) Their poor excuse was that, “that’s how we were ‘raised.'” Then I would respond with, “Well you are trying to raise me that way too and I refuse.” I would get in trouble for saying tgey were ignorant to judge someone by their color. I protested by wearing shirts that said, “what color is love?” I’m now proud to say my parents are no longer racist and we now have a beautiful family mixed with several cultures. We have to stand up together and refuse mistreatment of any human being. We can do that by realizing all people are a part of the human race and different… but respect everyone’s differences. Life is better that way.

  8. I just want to say this made me almost cry (I never almost cry). Your story is tragic in the past, but your future and what you’re doing for your daughter are inspiring. KEEP IT UP!

  9. My heart grieves for you. Thank you for putting this message out. Thank you for backing Bernie, we are all in this together. I send you my love and gratitude.

  10. Dear Ms. Garner, thank you so much for your courage and your strength in the face of such a tragedy. Your video made tears roll down my face. You make your father and your beautiful daughter proud every day and your activism will make a lasting difference. Thank you.

  11. wow.

    I’m sitting here literally tearing up.

    Your message, the plight, the way you were supported by the campaign in expressing it, and more. It’s almost too much to write all the ways this is so beautifully moving over such a painful subject.

    Thank you for expressing this so well, and in a way I think so many people will understand.

  12. That was intensely powerful and moving. I remember when I saw the video of your father’s death, I could tell immediately he was a good man. I was screaming at the video “He’s a good man, leave him alone! Can’t you see?!” And boy did I cry, more than I’m crying now after watching your video. It hit me hard and I was very depressed for awhile after, knowing they ripped a loving soul away from this world far too soon. I can’t even imagine how you and your family must have felt and still feel. I commend you for being the strong voice for your father, for true justice, and for the black community. And for standing behind Bernie Standers as he stands behind you, and all the people. Your father would be so proud of you. Keep speaking up for those who no longer have a say in this world, and for those who want it to become a much better one.

  13. Awesome ad! It’s powerful and heartfelt. I’m glad to hear Sanders allowed you complete creative freedom. I hope it helps you promote the need to have more justice in this country.

  14. That was beautiful! As a white woman … I believe that white people must stand up and denounce our privilege, support and elect leaders that will fight to end the systemic racism in this country, to bring people of color to the table so that they never have to feel that they don’t have a voice and that they matter … Black lives DO matter … we need the voice of all not just the white establishment! Bernie Sanders isn’t perfect and I personally believe that reparations should be given … this country was built on the backs of African slaves … it is time that they be rewarded and thanked for their hard work!!
    Bernie Sanders isn’t afraid of doing the work to begin to rebuild America so that every citizen has a fair and equal chance!

    Keep fighting the fight! Thank you for your words!!

    In solidarity!

  15. I think i never said this in my life before, but thank you for making me cry.
    keep on fighting, we all stand with you.

  16. Thank you for this. I support Bernie and have been aware of him for decades, but even though I am white Iworked running homeess shelters for two decades in DC and was arrested over thirty times between 1973 and 1993. I have seen first hand how my treatment by the police and judges was much better than my black friends.

    This is not something white America wants to acknowledge. They never see this because for the most part they are far removed from black people in our still segregated society.

    But I think their eyes are begining to open a little bit and this video with or without your wonderful endorsement of Bernie is a masterpiece.

    I am so sorry for what happen to your father and to you and your daughter. I am so astounded and proud of you for this video.

    Thank you.

    Mike Meehan

  17. I’ve watched your video and I watch an interview you did with a couple of folks. I think Erica you would be very good at running for office. You have heart and courage and you could give us hope. Hope that something really really good could come out of something so horrible.

    Thank you

  18. Your vidio gave me good goose bumps. I wish you all the bestth

  19. Your video put a lump in my throat. I admire you for speaking up, not just in this video but every day. You are a strong and beautiful person and I want to say thank you.

  20. I know in my heart that for the first time in a long time there’s someone who will work diligently to bring justice and caring into the Black community and other communities that have been misunderstood and ignored. Bernie has made it his life’s work to truly care about the real people who have been pushed aside and much worse for too long. Bernie understands that your tragic loss shouldn’t have happened and this is a huge crisis. We all need Bernie, I fear what things will come to in this country without him. Thank you for opening your heart at such a difficult time.

  21. Very powerful. Gave me cold chills and brought me to tears. This message shows us all what is real and true. Let us not ever forget Eric Garner or any of victims from such unjust actions. Thank you for being strong Erica and a true inspiration to the rest of us.

  22. Erica- this is beautiful. Definitely made me cry. And I cry when I think of how bad our country needs Bernie right now. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for doing this. You can be his breath.

    If you ever need help with marketing or graphic design or apparel design related to your cause I’d be happy to help. Your dad is so proud of you, I’m sure of it. And now many many other Americans are as well.

  23. CNN and other networks won’t air 2 minute aid of Erica Garner endorsing Bernie, because they have all contributed big time to HIllary’s campaign.

  24. Wow. Erica beside the message of the video which was already unbelievable… the audio, the visuals; the quality of your work was insanely well made. This is Steven Speilberg good. No wonder you are regarded as one of the most famous black rights leaders right now, just look at how well you articulate the message that you’re sending. I really did not expect to click into an endorsement video and end up crying three minutes later. Never stop fighting. And if you have the time/interest I would suggest applying to work on Sanders’s media team. Thank you for supporting Mr. Sanders and I hope you’re ready to have a million more avid followers.

  25. Erica, that video really struck a cord with me. I can only imagine how proud your family is of you, especially your father, may he rest in peace. Your resolve during these difficult times is inspiring, and I for one will get more involved to change this rigged system and fight for justice. Much respect.

  26. Beautiful way to honor your dad! I am so sorry for the loss of a loving father and grandfather and am glad you will keep his memory alive for your little girl. I agree with your choice in supporting Bernie Sanders, he has fought for racial justice through out his life

  27. This is so beautiful. Thank you for standing up for your father and against the systemic violence perpetuated by our society on people of color. Your voice is powerful, it is needed, and I am glad the Sanders campaign gave you complete creative control. Not me, us.

  28. Thank you for this. It is a beautiful video. I cried a bit. I really wish the best for you and your daughter. I hope we can create the America that we all deserves, but especially that children like her deserve. <3

  29. That was one powerfully profound commercial. I would not change a thing! I was skeptical about Bernie winning but after New Hampshire I gave him $200.00. I’m not rich but I do pretty good. I also totally agree that my white skin and blue eyes gives me a huge advantage compared to non whites. If Bernie keeps kicking but I’ll give more. I do NOT like Hillary. She is part of the problem. You have my sympathies. I know minorities are generally still treated like s–t!

  30. Bless you for this! I hope millions of African Americans will see this video and understand that you, of all people – know where the real hope is for equality and fairness.

  31. Power to you and your message! This is so beautiful and strong. It made me cry and also feel some hope for the first time in a long time. I’m sure your dad is tremendously proud of you. Thank you!

  32. Thank you for your incredibly powerful support of Senator Bernie Sanders, for sharing your authentic self. I am deeply moved.

  33. Thank you. For your courage, your willingness to fight the good fight, and most of all for the lesson you’re teaching your daughter. That she is strong, that she can count on her mother to be a strong voice and advocate for a better world for her to grow up in. I am terribly sorry for the loss of your father. No matter the changes that may hopefully come soon (and hundreds of years late), you will still bear the burden of that hurt. I hope the burden grows lighter as more take up the good fight.

  34. You’re message is so powerful that reached beyond USA borders. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope that you, Bernie and people like you will win this righteous fight and make your world and all our worlds better and more humane.

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  36. Thank you for your work and continuing to fight the good fight against injustice. Rest in peace and power to your beloved father, Eric Garner.

    His last words have spread around the world as a call to awaken humanity. They appeared on the stage of Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Kigali, Rwanda last July as part of the opening act “Bound Together.” Global Solidarity!!

  37. Beautiful! Her voice is more powerful than the Congressional Black Caucus PAC (lobbyists for corporations interested in profiting off the black community with support from the black establishment) that just endorsed Hilary Clinton. Thank you Erica! You are powerful and inspiring.

  38. Dear Erica,

    I am so sorry for your loss. When I heard the news report I cried, and when I watched the video you made for your endorsement of Sanders I cried for you and your family again. I cannot imagine the powerless you felt during those events and then to see you take action, speak out- I am in awe.

    You are amazing and brave as you continue to speak out, please don’t ever be silenced. Our country needs more people like you.

    We are all imperfect including Sanders but when we use both head and heart to fight for the voiceless, when we come together to bring light to some hard truths about ourselves as a nation, then can we truly achieve our greatness.

    Thank you.

  39. I was very moved by this! I’m so sorry for your loss and thank you so much for your dedication and activism to help educate and produce change for our people. Bernie 2016!

  40. I cannot even read all you have to say because I’m at work and my eyes are starting to fill with tears. Together we can make a difference. Thank you

  41. Erica, I’m so sorry this happened. I caucused with my kids for Bernie here because he has been speaking up for me for decades. I wish I could do more. Your dad should never have suffered like that, and neither should your family. Love from Iowa, Nita

  42. This is one of the main reasons why I too support Senator Bernie Sanders for President of The United States 2016. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!! I’m ashamed of the behavior of white & black police officers of this nation. I’m ashamed that The United States of America has done these horrific acts against a huge population of this contry. I’m ashamed the white men in my nation act on fear of their race being diminished. I’m ashamed that I am white! And the behavior that’s been going on since these human lives were bought & sold in the history of this nation, I’m ashamed that today they are murdered on the streets, in jails, that their life’s potential has yet to be acomplished. I’m sick & tired of the injustice that happens in this nation, all for the privilege of whites. THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!!!! BERNIE SANDERS 2016. THEIRS ON RACE, THAT RACE IS THE HUMAN RACE!!!!!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME WE AS A NATION REALIZE THIS FACT

  43. This ad moved me to tears. Our nation needs to heal and take responsibility. I wish to thank you for allowing this personal emotional experience to be shown to the public … you are a brave women and a great roll model for your daughter, may you find the Blessing of inner peace!!

  44. First and foremost, let me say, I am so very sorry that your Father was taken from you and your family.
    Thank you for your activism. I like your commercial. I especially like that fact that you are a Bernie supporter.
    You are a wonderful role model, not only for your sweet daughter, but for the youth of our nation.
    I didn’t know your father, but as a mother of 5 and grandmother of 10, I can tell you that I believe
    he would be so very proud of you.
    God Bless you Erica and God Bless your family.

  45. I thought your message was powerful/thank you for standing up and speaking out/I believe that
    those who came before/who marched and spoke out are American heros to whom we all owe a
    debt of gratettude for the sacrifices they made. I also believe that this is 2016 and new voices
    like yours need to be heard…….I am a 70 something white grandmother who supports your cause and believe that Bernie Sanders is the best person for the job.

  46. Beautiful, powerful message, young lady… As a daddy myself, I don’t wanna ever lose the ability to see my children, because for whatever reason I wasn’t in the mood to say “yessir, right away, whatever you say” when some tough guy cop decided I was causing trouble, or resisting…

    Your video moved me to tears. Admittedly, I’m a white guy… But if there’s no justice for your father, then it’s not that long before there could easily be no justice for me in the same situation. I hate seeing our police forces take the position of being in combat with our citizens. Should never happen. Your father should have NEVER died, under any circumstances. Which you already know and feel 100% everyday, without doubt.

    Keep fighting. For your beautiful daughter, and for your father. And know there are MILLIONS of us out there, from other races, religions, sexes, etc., that agree with you 100% and have your back!

  47. Excuse me but your father was a worthless fat slob selling illegal cigarettes committing a crime and getting arrested……lose some weight

  48. I am from Puerto Rico…I will be 70 years old July 1. My comment is this; What Bother me the most
    is for the little thing he die.I was so mad when i saw the video. ( Happy New Year…If You Can ).

  49. Dear Erica,
    Have faith dear sister. You’ll see your father again. We all will. Try and be of good spirit. Keep fighting. Never give up, because if we show the world what America is really about, who it’s people really are, and elect a man like Bernie Sanders, we WILL SEE a new America, a truly democratic America again! An America we can ALL be proud of! WE can build that New America!

    “Have faith, and be of good spirit, for I am with you always!” is GOD’S promise to us ALL.
    (I’m a white American whom was horrified and enraged at the murder of your father, and I’m not alone, and neither are you sister”.

  50. Ms Garner,
    You have my deepest sympathy in the loss of your Father. When I see a video of an unarmed person of color, losing their life; It takes me back to the late 50’s and early 60’s. As an American, Christian, and a mother /grandmother; I feel a sense of “Dejavu”, sorrow, and excruciating pain aatching these tragic events unfold before my eyes . This is not Reality TV ! This is Life! Finally, we have a candidate that is speaking up. Someone who seems to be concerned with the issues that are affecting “People of Color”. You Go! Bernie Sanders. Erica, you continue your struggle in the memory of your Father and don’t stop.
    My prayers and the prayers of many others are with you.

  51. Cannot believe what you stated on this film. After all that Hillary Clinton has created and justified for the African Americans it is a shock to hear this tape. I am sure Sanders is chuckling on how creative he can be and how persuasive to a young African American who wants sympathy from a politician. This is an insult to Clinton. I hope it is only one African American who can endorse such a crude and vindictive man. If Sanders wins, I will vote for Trump. How ungrateful that some African Americans can be. Unbelievable!

  52. I’m not a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I wasn’t there to witness the events that lead up to Eric Garner’s death, but I do appreciate the fact that Bernie did not interfere with how Erica shared her views of her father’s death. Very moving.

  53. Hello,

    Please consider using some of your family settlement funds and create a Not for Profit organization to address racial profiling, police brutality, excessive force, misconduct and addressing issues in county jails, state prisons and federal prisons. In my spare time I keep federal inmates up to date on criminal justice reform issues and so many lack legal representations and I have encouraged them to get with free world friends and family to establish not for profits.

    I look forward to your response soon!

  54. Want to know how Bernie Sanders​ is reaching people? because he speak to the issues that everyone else covers up. We need protesters that say NO MORE we need people willing to put their life on the line and STAND UP FOR PEACE no more killings no more cover ups.

  55. God bless you and your family. For too long, too long, white people cannot or will not see black people as people. Of all the candidates running for President, I believe Bernie Sanders is the only one who will get the message out. I believe he will fight the inequities in American society. I believe he is on your side. There are white people in this country who are not hateful or fearful of black folks. Now is the time for us to stand beside you.

  56. I’m glad you made this video. I’m sure they’ll be those who say that it’s just Bernie Sanders trying to get the black vote, and I get why he doesn’t have that much African American/black community support and he gets slammed a lot by the Black Lives Matter movement, but, despite being an “old white dude,” he’s the closest hope we have to an electable candidate that’s really speaking about the real issues.

  57. my husband is a cop. there are good and bad cops in this world, just as there are good and bad people. when they do wrong, they should be held accountable, plain and simple. i am sorry a police officer took eric garner’s life. i am sorry his loved ones have lost eric. and i’m proud that erica is speaking out on behalf of a person with integrity, no matter what his color or gender. my condolences to you on the loss of your dad. thank you for speaking the truth.

  58. My thoughts are with you and your daughter Erica for the loss of your father. I admire & respect your determination to provide an environment for your daughter where all human beings of all colours can feel safe wherever they are.

    Alexander the Great asked the Synic Diogenese what type of citizen he was, and he replied ‘I am a citizen of the World’.

    I am from Scotland, and I ‘Feel the Bern’.

    Best wishes to you and your very intelligent and positive inquisitive daughter plus the campaigning you do.

    Jimmy Eldee

  59. Wow. Your commercial is amazing. Perhaps the most powerful endorsement and statmeent of racial justice and the right to family of communities of color I have ever seen. I’ve been telling anyone and everyone to watch this that is considering voting for Hillary Clinton because they think she is the feminist candidate. Your message is what feminism is all about: it is a heroic, brave, empowering (of yourself, your daughter, your fellow activists, your elders, and your audience) call to action that demands our leaders be accountable to concerns of racial justice and reproductive justice/anti-eugenics (which white, establishment feminists all too often forget includes the right to live and not die prematurely, and the right to family integrity). Thank you as one activist to anther. Thank you on behalf of my daughters. We watched it together and I told them that you are what makes me know our work to build a better world is worth it. My girls are aware of your father’s death as they are aware of the suffering of their many aunties who have been caged and harassed and harmed by police. Your father is not and will not be forgotten.

  60. God Bless the Child thats Got Her Own, when they are taking so much from so many, and starving the people of what they need.

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  62. God bless you, Erica, for keeping the memory of your father and your message alive! I love the story about how you had full creative direction and that Bernie listened to you. I feel like Bernie is the only presidential candidate who listens to me: He understands that I’m drowning in medical bills and can barely make ends meet. He hears that 95% of Americans are one paycheck away from living on the street. Thank you so much for endorsing Bernie!

  63. You’re doing an amazing job! I’m from new Zealand and I’ve just seen the ad. Keep up the good work and hopefully the culture will shift in the u.s police and media.

  64. Erica, you are so courageous. I stand in deep awe of you. And I stand with you. Thank you for being visible and outspoken. Your voice is powerful. Keep speaking. We are listening.

  65. Dear Erica,

    I feel privileged to breathe the same air as you and your daughter.

    I wish your father still had the same simple pleasure.
    I wish the police had listened to his pleas.
    I wish you still had a father to breathe life
    into the wishes you wish for your daughter.
    I wish I had your courage, your daughter’s joy
    in the simple pleasure of breathing and
    reading aloud to her mother.
    I wish I had your beauty, your bounty of
    love, your obstinance
    in the face of implacable injustice…
    I wish I had better words
    to say how you’ve made me feel.


  66. dear erica – Your words and video touched my heart deeply and I thank you for your courage and for the important work you’re doing. I’m sorry for the loss of your father…….I know he’s proud of your commitment to equality and justice and that you can feel him walking beside you on your journey. The Revolution has begun……Be well and stay strong! Love, Louise

  67. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Your daughter is beautiful and lucky to have a strong loving mother to teach her and raise her.
    We need more people like you in the world – standing up and fighting for what they believe in.
    I hope Bernie stays true to his word once elected and honors your father’s memory.
    Thank you for your courage and service.

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  69. Your message of hope instead of anger in such circumstances is remarkable and transforming. I am feeling the Bern so your daughter, like all children and not just some in the USA, can go to college and make this a better world, by being a reflection of you and your father.

  70. I find certainty and good reason for the need to support Bernie Sanders for President at this stage for the very reason that he is willing to tackle a perplexing and severely difficult historical issue of inequality; institutional racism; poverty and wrongful actions by law enforcement. It’s interesting to see the amount of people power from all walks of life that are literally marching in streets in support of Bernie Sanders. I am not surprised. I really truly believe that Sanders will be a pragmatic and pursuasive force that will work to deal with ending the past policies that are tearing apart families; or policies that are bent on “for profit” prisons and will make necessary corrections that truly give equality a chance. This is an opportunity for America to right itself, and make it a nation that will uplift every American. I would like to commend the passion for life and family that is shown in this video. I felt the artist and the activist had for past and the future. I just want to say how well this message was in delivering to the viewer a real family was hurt and that although hurt deeply, has not fallen. It’s a soft testimony to being a determined person, focused on the day and not only preserving memory; but fixing a broken system. Activism I think is a medicine for this family, and it is something that is worthwhile–especially in such a time as now. I am not a victim of violence or police brutality, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it does. And I have not been victim to institutional racism, but again that doesn’t mean it’s not there, it is. But with Bernie Sanders as a president, I think it’s going to get much better. For ALL Americans. Stay positive, stay hopeful… and stay Active. (ist)… #feelthebern

  71. This is such a moving, powerful and honest video. Erica, you are a FORCE. Your father, Eric, will never be forgotten.
    With you carrying his voice for justice, he will shine on. On and on.

    With your beautiful baby girl by your side, the both of you will make justice happen. It will happen. You are leading the charge.

    I am so so incredibly sorry for your loss. I hang my head in disgrace for this racist system that allowed and perpetuated this loss.

    I will also rise up and fight along side and be behind /beside you for this system to change. Please allow me the grace to have your back and the back of you children.
    #idlenomore #blacklivesmatter #enoughisenough #togetherwearepowerful

  72. As someone who grew up on Staten Island and has been a life long New Yorker- I have seen this first hand.
    I find it sickening how in the pocket of SOMEONE the police on the Island are- there is a terrible heroin epidemic on the South Shore- in fact my mother sees dealing at the Great Kills train station near daily- but because the perpetrators are WHITE and MIDDLE/UPPER MIDDLE class (and perhaps because of pay offs) they do NOTHING.
    Eric Garner has a history of petty offences and the police overwhelmingly respond.
    It’s a sign of the times and of corruption of city police.
    We cannot stay quite- I am sorry for your loss, Erica, and I too believe that Bernie Sanders is the first candidate who has the heart to fight corruption in all of it’s forms.

  73. Dear Erica,

    I greatly admire your strength, courage, and grace. Your father’s murder pains me to this day, and there are no words I can use that can truly express my admiration for everything you are doing after this totally injustice that you are your family had to face. Bernie listened to you and I hope and pray America does too. The fact that he allowed you to tell your story, your way, is all I need to know about him and the man he is. Thank you for your strength I am truly sorry that you have to experience such a great injustice.

  74. This is so powerful and says so much, especially the heartfelt comments left here on this website and Bernie should run this commercial on national airwaves. It brought me and my wife to tears and if this doesn’t stir you, check your pulse as you may not have one!

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